Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my online store! I’m Louisa, the owner of Louisenkind. I’m a mid 20-aged gal (or young woman - call it what you want), I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany & I still live here! The “Kind” in Louisenkind is German and means “child”. I wanna keep my inner child alive. I love everything colorful, am part of the LGBTQIA+ community (bisexual, if u wanna know details, but more into women).

I love listening to a lot of 60s, also 80s & 90s music, Enya and Grimes. My biggest dream is a road/camper trip through Arizona, Nevada & California. I wanna see the desert & huge cacti so, so bad! Creativity is my therapy… literally. I’m chronically/mentally ill and creativity helps me to get trough every single day. I could never really accept myself & am still working on that.

Unfortunately, I quit my A-Levels right before exams (or “Abitur”, how we say in German) due to my depression & panic attacks because I just couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. My plan was to study Photography at the Uni of West London, but my head wanted to go a different way.

(And nope, I won’t try again to receive my A-Levels or anything like that. Me & my head are literally done with it.) 

After a long way, several stays at the psychiatry, a long, intense time of medication & 4 years of psychotherapy, I am finally here with my lil shop. I let people go, met new ones and I’m happy to call them my (true!) friends (Sarah, I luv you girly! Check out her shop: www.shopvintagesmile.com)

By purchasing from this shop, you’re supporting a hard working, independent human being and their life and no huge, greedy fast-fashion company. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🌈

Much love & light and always - ALWAYS - keep your head up, 
Louisa 🌼

 btw: I used to make music in the past. I'm more a producer than a good singer, but if you'd like to hear some cool & weird sounds, click here