Corona Crisis

Due to Covid-19, international shipping (America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia - almost all continents & countries) takes 30+ days!

Louisenkind is 24/7 open, but not able to ship right now. Do not buy unless you can/are willing to wait 30+ days!

Already purchased something? Don’t worry, we'll keep you updated!


Louisenkind can ship to the USAUK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan

We still CAN’T ship to the Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia etc.

Louisenkind is based in Berlin, Germany. All orders placed within Germany will be shipped as usual. Thanks so much for your patience & stay safe angels!


More infos: Deutsche Post (German Mail Service) official website, English version